Tattoo design on my left outer thigh

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Is there a way I can get tat pics specific to what I'm interested in? ie, anything Irish, Celtic. I'm planning on getting at least a half sleeve and I am Irish. All the other tats I have are Irish related. I even have a Scarification of a Shamrock in a Celtic Knot design on my left outer thigh. That's what I did to find the pieces I wanted to put together for my design 😊
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Dux Tattoo Lovers

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Amazing That is a nice ass tattoos or dux tattoo lovers. Art and has become a preferred choice among tattoo lovers around the world. Has a large tattoo on his back featuring a portrait of Mussolini and the fascist symbols
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The Warm Winter Fashion 2017, Woman Inspiration

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WOman Inspiration - Winter is about to come and what we need is there and there. For this year winter, You can rely on turtleneck with some combinations of dress. Calm colors like dark green, red and chocolate can be great options for jacket or you may use ski jacket if the weather goes wild. Boots are still a good option after the autumn. But it will be better if you prepare something without fur for this year. You can clean it or you just can use your sneaker around for play. Fluffy hat or army hat with ear covers will perfect the warmness before you get frozen. How about the accesories? is there something match with the winter? Yup, leather bag but not Santa Huge Bag. Your leather bag with natural colors or simple design is a match for turtleneck and your fluffy hat.
If there is any chance to use more colorful dresses when the sun shines bright, you can use it to brighten up your day and cheer your neighbourhood. Gloves are necessary so if you think that it will not change any image of your dress, just use it for safety not for styles.

Women's Winter Fashion Boots

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Winter boots clearance - We all moan about the horrible English weather, don't deny you haven't done it. But why be sad when it's the perfect excuse to buy multiple jumpers and a brand new pair of winter boots! Last years just don't make the cut. I personally love knee-length Winter boots as they just polish off any outfit with a sophisticated edge. I know a lot of people love chelsea boots and heeled ankle boots and of course I do own a pair of each! Just thought I'd mix it up a bit by posting purely about the taller boots because I haven't seen many posts about them.

And of course best snow boots, I already have my boots purchased, they arrived yesterday. I bought these beauties from Zara and I absolutely love them. 100% leather and only £69.99, which for leather boots I'm going to wear all Winter is really pretty reasonable. Read also : Your Shoes, Your Character
Women's Winter Fashion Boots
cute winter boots
I think if you're like me and like the taller boots for a more polished Winter look the best places to go are definitely Zara and Next. They just have a huge array of literally the most gorgeous boots that aren't going to break your bank. Even though I've bought my boots I can still window shop at others! Here are a few of my favourites.
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sorel snow boots Zara £79.99
Zara £99.99
north face snow boots Zara £39.99
ugg snow boots - Black and Gold Zip £90 (I think these are my fave)
Next - Black Knee Length Suede£85
Next - Over the Knee Tan £105 (So gorgeous)
so find  snow boots for kids..